How do companies use live webcasting?

How can you use Live Webcasting?

How to companies and organizations use Live Webcasting with success? Organizations are finding new uses for live Webcasting all of the time.  The goals are the same when live webcasting as they are in any form of communication in business.

To effectively and easily communicate with clarity and engagement. 

Live webcasting and streaming video allows you as an organization to lower the walls and close the distance between you and your audience, no matter who they are. Make a personal connection, and even go off the cuff and off script.

A few reasons live webcasting should be part of your communication arsenal include the following.

Live Townhall Meetings

Webcasting can help you create a community and start a conversation that let's your workforce know there is real value in their relationship with your company. That you care. You want to know them. This helps your audience believe in you. Having a workforce engaged and feels empowered to reach all the way up the corporate ladder and connect is very powerful. Everyone feels a part of the team.

Reach your team in all parts of the world at the same time. Everyone has the same one to one connection to you. Hears the same message. Create a schedule and strategy. ICV can help you with that. Brands such as eBay, Marketo, Exxon all understand the value of live webcasting on a schedule to their global workforce and partners.  Secure the webcasts with login and credentialed access, and save them in your media portal archives for on-demand viewing. People can watch anytime.

Live Events and Conferences

Live conferences such as Oracle OpenWorld or the IRCE annual event or the Health Datapalooza Conference allow a global audience to participate and hear. Learn and see in-depth new technologies, techniques. products and research in both hard and soft sciences like communications or health care delivery. An audience is no longer constrained by distance, borders or travel. 

Multiple day agendas can be sold or provided free. ICV can easily build web sites around the event and help you market to your registrants. The event location becomes less important than the content and message. the way it should be in order for your brand to be a success. Allow behind the scenes access or special webcast only content or guests.

A live webcast of an event such as VMworld allows users everywhere to share the excitement of the reveals of new software and services trough on the floor interviews.
You can ask your followers on social media to join you online. Ask THEM questions. Talk to them directly. In a live event the reality and spontaneity is the value. Don't script everything. Ask, answer and discuss. Interviews can be shot and streamed from hosted sets on the show floor where you can bring guests on camera to talk and promote.

Influencer hosted webcasts

Bring your social influencers, SMEs or real customers, whoa re really the best influencers on camera to tell your story. spread the word to new audiences. Compelling stories by real people is the best way to gain confidence in your product or service.

Special Announcements Product launches

Knightscope used a live press event webcast to launch their security device for shopping malls and office complexes. Make a show of it, Your webcast guarantees that the ENTIRE message you craft for your brand is broadcast unlike the edited snippet that might appears on any news outlet. Allow anyone to watch or secure it. eBay used ICV's live webcasting services to launch their new Mobile App to their workforce and partners. 

Connect with your Audience

Streaming and live webcasting tells your audience you care about their time and efforts. You're trying to make it easier for them to stay in touch, learn, experience your product, message or service.  That type of connection fosters trust and loyalty.And it's about profit. A broader, more engaged audience is profitable from any perspective. Whether it's customers, partners, members of your association or your employees.

Government or health care policy is a great use of webcasting. Annual health care events such as the 
Ultimately with Live Webcasting you have a new stage on which to try new things. Streaming can let you experiment and immediately gauge response. We provide in depth metrics and reporting so you can visualize the viewers. The investment in live webcasting is small in comparison to the value. With the right Live Webcasting company partner. ICV's affordable webcasting services are streamlined to be available in most major markets in the USA or abroad. We have staff and gear in strategic locations all over the states and the world. We handle ALL of the tech so you don't have to.
Try webcasting with us once..and you will understand the value.

Let ICV know what you want to do and we'll find a way to make it work for you!


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