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Live Webcasting in Miami FL

Live Webcasting in Miami ICV crews were in Miami producing a live webcast for an investors conference. Multi room multi day 3-camera HD shoot, live webcast and media portal. A few pictures from the event: HD Cameras used for Live Webcasting  AjA Kipro recorders used to capture HD video as it's streamed live Live Switch of HD webcast

Live Webcasting Conference - Population Health in DC

ICV provides Live Webcasting Services in Washington DC Population Health & Care Coordination Colloquium ICV provides custom webcasting Media Portal with online training and certification. ICV crews in Washington DC launched custom web media portal for HCCA. Our crews produced a multi room multi-day live webcast and managed all online content with the media portal. Our custom LMS capability in our Webcasting Media Portal allows our clients to manage all of their video content, live and on-demand. Sell or share access to your events. Add audience to your events online. Build a community of users and build a library of content. Contact us to learn more about how we can simplify your online initiative and help you organize your content. 925-426-8230

Live Webcasting for Medical Home Summit

Live Webcasting in Philadelphia ICV just returned from a successful event in Philadelphia. Medical Home Summit. Example of ICV's unique live webcast streaming player with live synchronized PowerPoint slides.