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Hack-a-thon at the Computer History Museum in San Jose

ICV had video crews at the Computer History Museum for a 24 hour event. A very interesting Hack-a-thon. The goal was to develop 100 mobile apps in 24 hours. Billed as The Muther! of all Hackathons CTIA one of our clients, was a Sponsor of the event. We recently returned from New Orleans where we shot for a number of days at the CTIA wireless conference. Live webcasting and producing HD spots from the conference floor and uploading them on the fly. Coffee and RedBull flowed at the Hack-a-thon. The Computer History Museum is a very cool place. If you ever get a chance, check it out. We shoot there doing Live Webcasting about once a  month for various clients. Our crew came back amped up......but as you might expect had a hard crash shortly after transferring the footage to our Final Cut Pro systems, Heads fell on keyboards... dmmmmmmmmzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz We shot HD video using Ki-Pro recorders and HDX-900 cameras.

Live Webcasting from DC at the ACO Congress

Crew in DC live webcasting for EHCCA.COM. ACO Congress Accountable Care Organization discussion.

How do you Store and Deliver Live Webcasting Video?

This isn't easy at to define. But you need to be prepared to not only deliver an end to end storage and deliver mechanism when establishing your relationship with a client as their webcasting provider, but you need to be prepared to completely control it. AND be capable of extending it, modifying it and integrating it into any number of web applications, environments or systems. This is where webcasting service providers are defined. This is not only a video production task,. It's a high level web development skill. Requiring not only knowledge of certain web concepts but having those systems, assets, and networks in place and under your control. NO webcast event is the same. Each client wants different outcomes. But no matter, you need to have the entire webcasting process under your control, from "planning to playing" as we say. How you produce a live webcast is really LESS important then how you deliver a live webcast. If you can't deliver live streamin