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Live Webcasting is never simple..

In Live event webcasting , planning and experience is key.. One recent experience in Istanbul Turkey at a live event webcast was, not really TYPICAL (This had never happened before to us) but nevertheless, was something we PLAN for.. We always bring backups, plan the event and always have a fallback plan.. The in-house Turkish A/V Crew had an issue... The Audio Mixer suddenly failed.. 45 minutes before the webcasting event. We had no audio... We rushed over to help and deduced that the FUSE had blown.. We have the same mixers that they used. Mackies... great audio gear for webcasting an event.. We usually are working on a live webcast in conjunction with an in-house Audio Visual crew. They will send the house audio to us, Mixer to Mixer - since one mix is for the room, the other is for us to use in the Live Webcasting setup. So how to webcast without a mixer?? Now a fuse is a dumb little thing that you usually dont carry spares of...since they RARELY blow. You'll find ho

Busy April and May for webcasting and Portals

Aya Sophia - Istanbul Live webcasts in San Diego - Medical Coding Training. Incorporating video live and archived with our Learning Management System, portal development. Washington D.C - Health Care conference webcasting. Subscription only Live webcasting. CME training using an ICV Media Portal. On location in Connecticut for Health Care training webcasting and LMS web portal integration. Then off to Istanbul, Turkey  for the  International Pharma Congress Live Webcast.

CTIA Wireless webcast

ICV Live Webcasts for CTIA.ORG ICV Webcasting crews shot in Orlando Florida at the International CTIA Wireless Convention. We streamed Live HD webcasts to the C TIA website . We directed, shot and edited onsite interviews using multiple Quad Core iMacs running Final Cut Pro on the show floor. Posting more then 10 videos daily.

Live Webcasting Services - Where does the service end?

Most mornings I'll take a call from someone that wants to know more about live webcasting services and how they can share, stream and control access to their video content. "How do you produce a webcast?" is, of course one of the first questions. They want to understand what a Live Webcasting Company like ICV provides. They want to know what exactly we can do for them and how much of their own staff and resources have to be used.   Essentially, people want to know:  "How will my audience see and interact with my content?" "How do I control my video content?" "Where will it live?" "What exactly do you do?" Understandable confusion. Because if you haven't managed a live webcast or don't manage digital media assets already, trying to understand the A to Z of the video streaming and live webcasting process is without a doubt, challenging.. Try searching Google for Live Webcasting Services , as many of the p