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Live Conference Webcast in Baltimore

From San Francisco to Maryland ICV was contracted to Live Webcast in Baltimore Maryland  September 5 - 6 for the  SIXTH NATIONAL  EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT SUMMIT . We sent live streaming video from 3 rooms to an audience of over 375 users across the globe.  This summit is very interesting. As most video production web development companies will attest, you can become expert in some very diverse and esoteric subject matter. Building websites that support the most in depth information on topics rangin from financial analysis, to medical device operations, to  manufacturing  of plastic toys... You have to really understand what your client is doing and how to engage their  audience . We pride ourselves in being more then a video production company or a live webcasting service  provider . We become a partner in your success. For this event we employed our Panasonic HPX 3100 cameras and Ki-Pro recorders among other gear. Our web developers launched a custom website and a ful

Live Webcasting Services in Asia

Live Webcasting Services in Asia. ICV was in Shanghai, China for the Asian  Pharma  Congress September 11 - 13, 2012 We flew crew and gear over there while the developers worked here at the ICV studios to build out the  custom  e-commerce media portal for streaming the webcast live. Working with the client's training department, Certification training tools and coursework on  Pharmaceutical Compliance in a  global  environment  was built  within a fully custom LMS (Learning Management System)  by ICV's web developers. The Video  player  we used is a customized interface which allows for  synchronized  PowerPoint slides ALONGSIDE, not juast instead of, the streaming Video.  Live chat, Polling,  and social contact to Facebook and Twitter all were available for paid users as the  event  streaming  Globally for 3 days. Getting gear into China is always an adventure. We have been through this drill before. THis time things were a little different. We were required to pay