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Ebay and Ycombinator Live webcasting

Live webcasting for Y Combinator & Ebay We had another busy week at ICV Live Webcasting Services here in the San Francisco Bay Area. Weather was hot and so were the routers and encoders as we were busy sending out streams of HD webcast video to an audience of Ebay partners and Startup entrepreneurs all over the world. First was the Ebay Global Partner All-Hands townhall webcast. A lively launch of an all new platform for Ebay sellers and buyers. Revolutionary announcements and reveals sent out to a password protected website and HTML5 video player. Ebay uses townhall webcasting for product launches. Live webcasting to their truly global audience is the fastest and easiest way to share new capabilities and features in the Ebay ecosystem. An on-demand password protected archive is an created during a live webcast. ICV records and hosts your streaming video for reference, sharing and training after the event. Saturday had us at Y Combinator Startup school. Another

Live Webcasting Services for Startup School

Y Combinator chooses ICV to provide Live Webcasting Services for Startup School ICV again is producing the Live Webcast for #startupschool for our client Y Combinator tomorrow at the Flint Center in San Jose. Y Com is a great organization to work with. We're getting our Video Flypacks ready for the event. Y Combinator trusts ICV for all of their Live Webcasting Services Live 3 camera switch using our HPX 3100 cameras and our Panasonic HS 450 HD Switcher #livewebcastingservice #livewebcast #icv  Be sure to tune into the free live webcast at Really interesting and exciting event. ICV builds and hosts the HTML5 streaming video player as well!

Live Webcasting Services in Mexico City

ICV in Mexico City for the Latin American Pharma Congress Mexico City, July 8: ICV provided Live Webcasting Services for Global Health Care Partners at the Latin Pharma Congress event in Mexico City. This event was unusual for us in one major way; a 6.9 magnitude earthquake struck right at the start of the event which rendered the conference venue and the entire city without power and creating a chaotic scene. Damage, inaccessibility and lack of communications were only part of the issues we faced. ICV pressed on. After moving to a safe location the next day using cell phones with hotspots for connectivity ICV ran off battery power to broadcast the webcast as planned! Our Ace webcasting crew provides Live webcasting services in the most chaotic of situations..

ICV Provides Live Webcasting Services for New England Journal of Medicine

ICV produces New England Journal of Medicine Live Webcast Series Boston MA; The New England Journal of Medicine has launched a series of live webcasts under the subject: Innovation in Health Care Leadership. The interactive live webcast production is on location in Boston. Delivered to a global online audience, the webcast offers thought leaders and practical guidance to stay abreast of innovations in healthcare management, processes, and record keeping. Many of today's health care innovations require initial investments in staff, training, and capital infrastructure. Learning how to best navigate those decisions is critical to a healthcare organization's success. ICV provided a complete media portal website and webcast streaming video player for NEJM. Part of our webcasting services include our user registration and management system, content and powerpoint management tools and live reporting metrics for the webcast. ICV sent a full staff to manage the entire e