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Live Webcasting - TownHall Meeting in San Jose

Live webcast for Fireeye - Townhall meetings
ICV produces the quarterly meetings for the very successful network security company Fireeye. On location this week at the FireEye headquarters in Milpitas Ca, ICV deployed a multi camera HD streaming and encoding solution for the Live Webcast. 
FireEye utilizes our V3 Media Portal platform. A web based streaming event management application that allows you to design, build and launch highly secure customized video player snd full website media portals in minutes. Like most of our clients FireEye also chooses to use our full video production services to manage the entire live webcast. 
Our live webcast production services includes camera operators and encoding technicians using our Panasonic HDX 3100 HD fiber Cameras and our HD-SDI switcher Video Flypacks. All necessary audio, lighting and production gear is included in the production.
After the event, an archive of the webcast video stream is automatically made available within the secure…