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Video Studio Rentals in California - How did we build that business?

When we built our Pleasanton California Video Studio and Web Design offices in 2000. we personally worked with the builder's architecture office to create a video production workspace that suited not only our staff but for production companies. Being an HD video Production company we knew what we wanted in a studio. We built our video production studio and multiple Final Cut Pro Edit suites to be used in our own daily HD video production projects. We drew pictures and put boxes on the cement pad to visualize how things would flow. We also asked a number of friends and companies in the San Francisco Video Production community to look at our ideas. These were folks that may not have had their own video studio. Some didn't have edit suites. They DID have thriving production businesses and needed what the San Francisco Bay Area was lacking; an affordable and flexible resource for top quality Video Studio Space, HD Video Production Service and HD Video and Audio equipment. This

Where can I rent a KiPRO recorder? - Ki-Pro Rentals

We added a few aja Ki-RO recorders to our equipment room here at ICV. There are not many here in the  San Francisco kipro rental market so we are getting a lot of business from our video buddies that are renting them. The reviews have all been positive! We use them all the time but we have a few so, if you need a KiPro rental, Call Dave at 925-426-8230 We've had them for a few months now. We've used the KiPRO here in the Studio on HD shoots, crews that have rented our video Studio have rented the Ki-Pro Recorder package as well. Then they brought them into one of the Final Cut Pro edit suites and loaded, logged the footage, then output right from the devices for a huge time savings.  We have shot on location with the KiPro and they performed flawlessly. We've rented them for location shooting, out in the field and we've used them on webcasts. These have the aja Ki-PRO exoskeletons. If you aren't aware of this cool device, the Ki-PRO is a SSD disk recording de

What software do I need to Webcast?

Webcasting software - What do I need to webcast? How do I webcast live? Good Questions. There are a lot of ways to webcast. There are only a few that you should be considering if you want to provide a professional, quality experience with reliability, flexibility and security within your "brand". But to be fair not everyone really needs or cares about all of that. And to be totally honest there's a lot of people webcasting without my companys webcasting services. So it can be done, but there are limitations.. let's look quickly at a couple of options. Here are a few basic requirements: Equipment needed to webcast: It's pretty simple at the most basic level Camera Microphone Computer Broadband Internet Connection Encoding software (locally or online) Site to view the video webcast at Free Webcasting Solutions The basic process is this: You hook up your camera and microphone ( can be on the camera) to your computer Encode the video into an efficie

How to launch a social webcast - without pain.

Webcasting should be easy, and fun. It should be a way for people to participate in an event or discussion from anywhere without hassle. Social Webcasting should be an easy business decision. Launching a live social webcasting should be (and soon will be) a standard, key element of successful business practices. You should be able to recognize an opportunity for a webcast, and be able to act on it without having to think about it much or having to spend a lot of money. Location shouldn't be an issue. People should be able to review the audio and video webcast later on the web, on demand. You should be able to control access to the webcast. You want to associate the social webcast with other relevant assets such as documents, or training. Depending on the scope of your needs, the decision to launch a webcast should be akin to setting up a staff a meeting or organizing any traditional conference or large event. Some organizations have installed video conferencing equipment in 2