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Webcasting for the HIPAA Summit Conference in Washington DC

Live Webcasting in Washington DC ICV has 2 Live Webcasts today in DC.  The HIPAA Summit and the Health Care IT Connect Summit. Full webcasting crews from our Reston offices as well as a few of our California and Atlanta people are on-site producing these 2 large scale conference webcasts . Media Portal web development by our staff web developers provides the clients with a single website for both their live and archived webcast streams. Using our Mobile Webcasting Racks and HD Panasonic 3100 Cameras. The video quality is fully HD broadcast quality. Our Media Portal webcast management application allows us to push slides and video synchronized into a mobile friendly video player that is responsive on all devices. ICV manages the entire webcast. Gear, staff,  the website, hosting and streaming as well as technical support for your users. We include User Registration, e-commerce (if you need that) and event email services. Even mobile apps for the events. Deep reporti

Another Live Webcast in San Francisco for Stubhub

Townhall Webcasting for StubHub ICV was in San Francisco for another Quarterly Downhill Webcast for the Global Ticket and Event company - StubHub,  subsidiary of eBay. Who happens to be another ICV Live Webcasting client!   Deploying a secure media portal and mobile friendly video player, ICV provided all of the audio visual support, HD video production and Webcasting technology for the event. Our in-room audience numbered in the hundreds while the global on-line viewership surpassed that in the thousands. VALUE Are you Townhall webcasting for your organization? ICV Live Webcasting Services makes company updates, and communication with an increasingly far flung workforce easy. SIMPLICITY Avoid the travel and security issues that preclude people from participating and staying informed. Try enterprise level Live Webcasting . Affordable, Flawless and Complete. All you provide is the internet connection. And we can do that if we have to! If you've been lookin

ICV was in Las Vegas for the IBM INterConnect Show Webcast

Webcasting in Las Vegas for Silicon Angle We deployed a full complement of video and webcasting team members to produce a Live Webcast in Las Vegas to work the live webcast from Mandalay Bay. the IBM Interconnect Show utilized 3 Cameras, full HD switch with truss setup for lights. All portable, setup and hot within hours. Our Newtek Tricasters coupled with our Panasonic HPX 3100 Fiber cameras provide the highest quality Live Webcasting  streaming. We managed the set design, the HD video production all gear, crew, internet hosting and streaming. Spending 3 days on set directing and shooting, we posted over 20 hours of streaming content to the web. Thousands of viewers participated. Our web developers back at the ICV studios customized the webcast video players and added event specific tweaks while manning the social Twitter and Facebook streams. We adjusted the layout and content of the included Media Portal that we provide as the event progressed assuring the best content

Live Webcasting in San Francisco

Live Webcasting Townhall Meetings ICV is in San Francisco for StubHub today providing webcasting services for another of their Global Townhall Webcasts.  WEBCASTING VALUE StubHub has recognized the value of live webcasting their meetings and executive messages. They now have a regular schedule of Live webcasts for their Global Townhall / All-Hands meetings. To produce these Townhall webcasts ICV uses our mobile video flypacks engineered specifically  for  Live Webcasting. Decked out with state of the art equipment such as BlackMagic routing, Panasonic HS50 Switchers and AJA Ki-Pro Ultras , our video flypacks make rapid deployment of a live webcast on short notice not only possible but easy. FULL WEBCASTING SERVICES Our staff of web developers in our Pleasanton office manage the Media Portal to quickly deploy the secure webcast portal and Mobile-friendly video players for the webcasts. User access and registration, web and video hosting, reporting metrics and the ste

HD Video Production in the ICV Video Studio

The ICV Video Studio has been busy lately.  A few green screen shoots, some interviews and some brand marketing material also. We love having Bay Area video producers shoot in our studio. Producers love the flexibility, our great gear and the easy location. We have full lighting packages, a range of cameras from Panasonic HPX 370's to Canon C-500 Cinema cameras. Ki-Pro's Producer flypacks and full audio support. Tour the 2500 sq ft studio for your next shoot.  925-426-8230