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Live Webcasting in Cambridge at Harvard

ICV is in Cambridge this week for the Tenth Annual Quality Colloquium conference. We have been webcasting this event live for more then 5 years. Great venue at Memorial Hall in Harvard. We stream live and create an online access controlled Media Portal of the event. If you visit you'll see that we developed the portal so that visitors can login, and choose from every year that is available. By choosing or searching for video webcast sessions by Title, subject, keyword or most useful, speaker name, you can see a free preview of the session. Purchasing is easy too. ICV includes an e-commerce module that works for everyone. Event online webcast participants pay for access. Live Webcasting includes Polling, online questions and chat as well as synchronized live slides and video.

Green Screen Shoot at ICV Video Studio

We had a great crew in the ICV Video Studio . Green Screen shoot with Jib work. Music Video for a very talented singing dancing group. Cutting to their new single. These folks chose our video studio rental over working in San Francisco or Los Angeles. LA is to far and expensive, San Francisco Video Studio rentals are too expensive and not as flexible. Glad to have this crew in here. Lots of talented people from the Director on down. Music video shoot green screen ICV Video Studio Rental L ICV has a complete Bay Area HD video production and Post Production facility. We use it of course for our own video production and our clients. As you can see,  video producers also choose ICV video production services too. They like the gear ,the location, our flexibility and the fair prices we charge for our video studio and our web and video services. Los Angeles video production or San Francisco Video Production , Video Studio locations are not always the best decision. This crew ca