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Working 3 Events in LA and one in DC

Busy Week, A 3 HD Camera (our HDX-900's) studio shoot here using our 3 aja Ki-Pros.. great devices.. These have totally replaced our Firestores and we've only had them for a few months.... Bought 2 new Quad Core Dual CPU Macs to edit live at the CTIA.. Sent a crew to DC and everyone else ('cept me) went to LA. I just got back from DC so I got to ride a  mouse here. We will be shooting in 3 rooms for a Health Care client in LA. Webcasting 8 Rooms concurrently! 2 Video with synced PPTs,  7 audio. We built the portal ahead of time and will be posting the content as we finish. More of our work is getting blended with certification training. We are building more and more Learning Management apps. We're trying to find a Framework that will work for this but frankly we still think that the "modular" framework we are developing in house will be the best solution.. Thank goodness for our ace developers... They really take ownership of this really complex work.

Looking for Pizza in DC

I'm in Dc at the JW Marriott. Great property, Webcasting a Pharmaceutical event. In Monday out Friday. Worked with a great Local Cameraman Cameron. We were stretched thin staff wise as we had Denver and Chicago again this week. And a big multi room Live event in LA starting in a few days.. Lots of people in the vidoe business are not used to working in a Professional environment. Lots of people in media have this contractor kind of mentality. I dint mean this in a harsh way but. The common attitude we see with people in Audio Video that hire themselves out is that they are not building relationships. Only working the day... This is one of the ways ICV has always strive to be different. I take that back. We don't TRY to be different. We have a different mentality.. We DO try to build relationships and find new business and partnerships. By virtue of that, we carry ourselves a certain way. We never want to be the one that someone on the shoot remembers as the "Cool"

CTIA Wireless Webcast San Francisco

Dave is Back of Room at Mosconce Center live webcasting for the CTIA Wireless show . We have production and post-production staff on site. We are shooting live HD from the floor, mixing that with keynote presentations going out live, and shooting intereviews and demos in the "Buzz Zone". We have 2 After Effects Mac edit systems there. Running multicore Macs staffed by Jack and Tyler, a Dynamic Duo of FCP Editors Extraordinaire. We're shooting on the floor with our HDX 900 cameras, recording that to our AJA Ki-Pro Digital recorders. We are swapping those out and hooking them to the Final Cut edit systems where Jack and Tyler are cutting the 16x9 video with interstitials. We render, encode and post that live to the Web. Simultaneously webcasting the General Sessions  as well. We set this event up while we were running 3 webcasts at the Grand Hyatt across town here in San Francisco. Dave spent a lot of time running across SF this w

Been a Busy Webcasting Fall!

Sitting in the Back of the Room at the San Francisco Grand Hyatt. Live webcasting 3 events concurrently.  And the restof ICV's staff is scattered about the country as I type, webcasting., When we first started doing this 10 years ago, the equipment and processes available limited what we could webcast without needing to have a huge crew and massive amounts of gear onsite... And clients didn't have a real understanding yet of how to benefit from webcasting as they do now. SO the demands are there for events like this one! In the "Old Days" we usually webcast the Keynote sessions.... But business and the use of social live webcasting has changed. A webcast component has become a requirement of any successful event or conference and the norm  in a corporate communication model. As this change has occurred clients need multiple webcasts at events. Both Audio/Video/Synced Grpahics and Audio only. NOW... well, today, this week, we are webcasting as many as 10 rooms