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Live Webcasting in Washington DC - WHCC

Live Webcasting in Washington DC ICV was live webcasting in Washington DC for the World Health Care Congress. 3 days of keynote and breakout sessions with over 100 sessions. All streamed live and archived after the event in a custom Media Portal built and managed by ICV. ICV builds and manages the Media Portal for World Health. The Media Portal is used as a single URL that is used as the the Live Event website with responsive video players, user registration, access sales with e-commerce and speaker, session and content management. This media portal is also used as the On-Demand streaming video website for archive sales of the content. Before the event ICV launches the V3 Media Portal which is developed and managed in house by our staff of developers. Pre sales emails, social media postings and registration confirmations are handled automatically in the Portal. At the event ICV brings all video production gear, encoding equipment and staff needed to manage the entire live w