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Live Webcasting for the ACO Congress in Washington DC

ICV Produces Live Streaming Webcast in DC The Sixth National Accountable Care Congress chose ICV to once again provide Live Webcasting Services in Washington DC . ICV was in the Nation's Capital for the week,  live webcasting from the Hyatt Regency Ballroom to a global live webcast audience for this well attended healthcare policy forum. Using our streamlined mobile webcasting flypacks  our crew is able to setup quickly, even in a multi-room multi-day event such as this webcast was. Webcasting in multiple breakout rooms concurrently while streaming live from the General Session room, ICV also captures the content and encodes it for Mobile viewing on iPhones, Android phones and tablets. You end up with an archive of the event in a custom branded secure Media Portal that you can use to showcase all of your streaming video. Easily reaching international viewers affordably is one advantage the ACO Congress organizers rgain using ICV's affordable and experienced Live Webc

Live Webcasting from the ICV Video Studio for AAA

AAA and AV Images webcast live from the ICV video Studio 
AAA and Av Images of Livermore CA worked with ICV to produce a global Live All Hands Townhall webcast.  
Our Video Production staff worked with the talented crew at AV Images to build a set and engineer the multi-camera live switch multiple location webcasting in HD. 
Locations from around the country were switched into the live webcast for discussion and Q and A.
Our Mobile Video Flypacks were utilized with 3 Panasonic HPX 3100 video cameras running through our Panasonic HS450  switcher. Over 3 days of setup, rehearsal and live production the crews worked together to produce the important event which had thousands of on-line participants. Live webcasting from the video studio provides an excellent location since all of our video equipment is readily available in our equipment room. Lighting, grip sound, video support, it's all right here. Contact us for information on live webcasting production services

Live webcasting services for Oracle Openworld and Silicon Angle

ICV provides Live Webcasting Services and HD Video Production services at Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco. ICV DIGITAL MEDIA was engaged to provide live interview video production, live switch and streaming video webcasting from MOscone Center for Oracle OpenWorld 2015. During the 4 day event, ICV employed our Mobile Video Flypacks for webcasting  to streamline the setup of 3 interview sets. We managed the onsite editing and streaming of the event using our 2 NewTek Tricasters. Our  HD video production services  of the live interviews were streamed and webcast live to  HPX 3100 Panasonic HD cameras  were used as well as  Panasonic HS50 HD SDI swichers . All of  these pieces of video equipment are available for rentals out of our Video Studio in Pleasanton California. We also have a 2500 sq.ft. video studio for rent there in the East Bay as well. Clients can roll into the studio and sit down at our Mobiel Video Flypacks and have a 3 camera HD switch all set.