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3 Ways to Profit by selling training online

3 Ways to Profit by selling training online
ICV sent webcasting crew to Ft. Wayne Indiana for a regularly scheduled e-learning webcast. This client is a leader of information and education for accreditation professionals, in the healthcare industries. They long ago saw the value in offering training online as live and on-demand video webcasts.
We produce events for them year round around the country.

They succeed at this by:

1. Finding a partner that can handle the entire process for them Trying to produce and distribute content to a global or even a regionalaudience is the goal of a many organizations. They are willing to invest a of resources to gain audience and thereby sell more training and certification. The initiative of building an internal staff to put the on-demand and live events in place is simply too much and too costly. Find a fully capable partner with proven experience that can manage the event, the technology and the e-commerce for you instead.

2. Get your Subject Matter …

LIve webcasting in Newport Beach

Live Webcasting Services for the Insurance Industry
ICV Is in Newport Beach producing a Live webcast for Word Brown.
We are providing our custom synchronized slides and live video stream player.

These types of Townhall Webcasts are very popular with ICV's webcasting clients.