3 Ways to Profit by selling training online

3 Ways to Profit by selling training online

ICV sent webcasting crew to Ft. Wayne Indiana for a regularly scheduled e-learning webcast. This client is a leader of information and education for accreditation professionals, in the healthcare  industries. They long ago saw the value in offering training online as live and on-demand video webcasts.
We produce events for them year round around the country.

They succeed at this by:

1. Finding a partner that can handle the entire process for them 

Trying to produce and distribute content to a global or even a regional audience is the goal of a many organizations. They are willing to invest a of resources to gain audience and thereby sell more training and certification. The initiative of building an internal staff to put the on-demand and live events in place is simply too much and too costly. Find a fully capable partner with proven experience that can manage the event, the technology and the e-commerce for you instead.

2. Get your Subject Matter Experts on board

If you don't have them on staff pitch the idea of them gaining exposure via the webcasts you plan to produce. If an expert has some exposure to gain that can be a benefit to their career or business, they may be willing to partner with you or share in revenues. Even if there is not a cost savings to you, at least you have a reason for the best presenters to work for you. Live webcasts are proven to gain audience. And the ongoing viewership and revenue stream of the after the event  o-demand viewing is even more of a benefit after you have built a library of resellable content.

3. Produce Regularly Scheduled Events

If you have a schedule that people can plan for you are more likely to gather momentum early in your planning. You can then negotiate better pricing for every service involved in your event. Production, venue, speakers travel. And of course the longer a viewer has to consider the event the better. More social sharing and marketing can take place. You can bundle events together as a series. Our clients are very successful with this strategy  More time give s you the opportunity to offer early bird specials, which are attractive and effective. You also start to build loyalty with your viewers. After attending and paying for one event they are very likely to purchase again and again. 

Start expanding your reach with a media portal to where you can easily sell and control your video content. Build an ongoing stream of revenue by... streaming!

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