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Live Webcast & Video Media Portal for Best Selling author

Live Webcasting in Monterey ICV is heading to Pacific Grove / Monterey this weekend to the Asilomar resort and conference center. An HD 2 camera live webcast.   Bringing our Panasonic HPX 3100 cameras. Like many other  successful  authors, This client markets and sells in-person workshops and events as well as books. In this case the subject is Self Improvement.  Now, using the ICV Media Portal, the live webcasting of these  events  and selling  access  to that live interactive social webcast is easy.  The Media Portal adds the important ability to sell access via memberships to past archived events as well. Subscribers can login and view any past event with synchronized Powerpoint, supporting documents  and interactive  training. Using a Media Portal allows you to consolidate all of your digital assets and training in one location in the cloud. Control access and sell memberships, if that's your model. Associations use this to provide learning and training to their mem