Townhall Webcasting Services in San Jose

Live Townhall Webcasting ServicesSan Jose was the location for a recent Townhall webcast for Fireeye. Executive messages, financial reports and roadmap discussions were all on the agenda as the entire worldwide and onsite workforce participated in the Live Webcast of the Quarterly Townhall Webcast.
Providing fast affordable live webcasting services across the Bay Area and across the US is the mission of ICV Digital Media's Live Webcasting.
Same day setup and global streaming.  We provide all of the technology you need to have a complete secure webcast - Live and Archived. 
Stream to our provided Media Portal and mobile friendly video players or have us stream to the social platform of your choice, YouTube, Facebook, Ustream or more. Get robust reporting metrics and access control too.
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Live Webcasting in Utah for New England Journal of Medicine

Live Webcasting Services for the New England Journal of Medicine ICV Digital Media was in Utah recently for a health care related live webcast production. NEJM partners with ICV Live Webcasting to produce events across the country. This event was one in a series of HealthCare Leadership panel discussions which are planned for 2017 / 2018.
Using our mobile webcasting production racks we traveled form California to Salt Lake City.
The one day event at Intermountain Healthcare in Salt Lake City was viewed by thousands of people around the world. Panelists spoke on a number of topics and took questions from the onsite and online audience.
ICV maintains one of our V3 Media Portals for NEJM where they manage content and access to all of their webcasts live and archived.
Our live webcasting services included all HD video production equipment and personnel, video streaming network and content hosting.

Learn more about our live webcasting services at www.conferencewebcasting.com800-272-3070 - …

Live Webcasting in Orlando Florida

Full Webcasting Crews in Florida
ICV live webcasting services was in Florida to manage a live conference webcast as well as provide live streaming HD video production from the show floor of the SAP conference in Orlando last week.

Live interviews and product demos were shot in multiple sets and locations across the massive show floor. Here's the post production staff editing, encoding and streaming to the web.

There were 3 camera crews using our Panasonic HPX-3800 fiber cameras out shooting and streaming the video back to the production hub.

ICV live webcasts and provides HD video Production anywhere. We have offices on the East and West coast as well as staff in London.

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Live Webcasting from the ICV Video Studio

Live Webcasting on-location or from our Video Studio
ICV's Video Studio was used to broadcast a Live Webcast to a global audience. A set was built in the studio, lighting designed and our fiber flypack video production racks were manned to control the MultiCam shoot. Panasonic HPX-3800 cameras and a Panasonic HPX 370 HD switchers were used. Tricaster encoders streamed the content to our Akamai CDN.  Web development to build a custom media portal was also done in-house. We live webcast from locations around the globe but when it's the right call a webcast from our studio is an option and we do it often.
Live webcasting is clearly the great communicator.  
Streaming to the web for live and archive we shot the interviews over two days. 
The client take away was a successful live event the captured new customers, enthused existing customers and built an online archive of the content for on-demand viewing for new clients and prospects. 
Providing and building an online archive of yo…

Live Webcasting in Boston for New England Journal of Medicine

ICV is producing the live webcast for the New England Journal of Medicine Live in Boston at the  Aligning Incentives for Sharing Clinical Trial Data live web event. 
ICV has a full crew of live webcasting technicians on site with 4 camera switch using Panasonic HGX3100 Fiber cameras and Panasonic HD130 RoboCams. 

Deployed in our ICV Media Portal, the live webcast features Synchronized PowerPoint slides, HD video and live chat.

The day long event is a discussion on sharing clinical data and is reaching a global audience numbering in the thousands.

Live webcasting services by ICV
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How do companies use live webcasting?

How can you use Live Webcasting? How to companies and organizations use Live Webcasting with success? Organizations are finding new uses for live Webcasting all of the time.  The goals are the same when live webcasting as they are in any form of communication in business.
To effectively and easily communicate with clarity and engagement. Live webcasting and streaming video allows you as an organization to lower the walls and close the distance between you and your audience, no matter who they are. Make a personal connection, and even go off the cuff and off script.
A few reasons live webcasting should be part of your communication arsenal include the following.
Live Townhall Meetings Webcasting can help you create a community and start a conversation that let's your workforce know there is real value in their relationship with your company. That you care. You want to know them. This helps your audience believe in you. Having a workforce engaged and feels empowered to reach all the…

Webcasting for the HIPAA Summit Conference in Washington DC

Live Webcasting in Washington DC ICV has 2 Live Webcasts today in DC.  The HIPAA Summit and the Health Care IT Connect Summit.

Full webcasting crews from our Reston offices as well as a few of our California and Atlanta people are on-site producing these 2 large scale conference webcasts.

Media Portal web development by our staff web developers provides the clients with a single website for both their live and archived webcast streams.

Using our Mobile Webcasting Racks and HD Panasonic 3100 Cameras. The video quality is fully HD broadcast quality. Our Media Portal webcast management application allows us to push slides and video synchronized into a mobile friendly video player that is responsive on all devices.

ICV manages the entire webcast.
Gear, staff,  the website, hosting and streaming as well as technical support for your users. We include User Registration, e-commerce (if you need that) and event email services.

Even mobile apps for the events. Deep reporting allows you to really…