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Live Webcasting in Boston for New England Journal of Medicine

ICV is producing the live webcast for the New England Journal of Medicine Live in Boston at the   Aligning Incentives for Sharing Clinical Trial Data live web event.  ICV has a full crew of live webcasting technicians on site with 4 camera switch using Panasonic HGX3100 Fiber cameras and Panasonic HD130 RoboCams.  Deployed in our ICV Media Portal , the live webcast features Synchronized  PowerPoint slides, HD video and live chat. The day long event is a discussion on sharing clinical data and is reaching a global audience numbering in the thousands. Live webcasting services  by ICV Call to learn more 925-426-8230 or visit

How do companies use live webcasting?

How can you use Live Webcasting? How to companies and organizations use Live Webcasting with success? Organizations are finding new uses for live Webcasting all of the time.  The goals are the same when live webcasting as they are in any form of communication in business. To effectively and easily communicate with clarity and engagemen t.  Live webcasting and streaming video allows you as an organization to lower the walls and close the distance between you and your audience, no matter who they are. Make a personal connection, and even go off the cuff and off script. A few reasons live webcasting should be part of your communication arsenal include the following. Live Townhall Meetings Webcasting can help you create a community and start a conversation that let's your workforce know there is real value in their relationship with your company. That you care. You want to know them. This helps your audience believe in you. Having a workforce engaged and feels empo