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Video Training with a Media Portal - 3 Good Reasons

3 Reasons to train using video content in a Media Portal 1) Profit from your existing content You probably have content on your shelf, on DVD's or even online using a service like YouTube or Vimeo. That content was captured for some reason. You thought it was valuable enough to record it then.. Having it hosted on a public site isn't helping your brand or likely not driving people into your other existing online properties where they might read bout your business, make on lonline inquiry or respond to some  other call to action. Put that content into some kind of customized Video Media Portal that will engage your visitors, surround them with your message and materials. Generate interest and make some content free and sell the rest. Share it all and build a community. Use it as part of a community.  Have a member based association? A Professional or learning association? Integrate user and event management tools with your video content. Build learning courses using your

After the Big Show

After the big live webcast event in San Francisco, Carlton's back in our Pleasanton office clearing out the laptops.

Webcasting crew on break in San Francisco

Here is where the magic happens folks.. Live webcasting in action... on break... Paul using HPX370 HD Camera. Rey and Stephanie pushing the live stream and the PowerPoints to a Global audience.

Live Webcasting in San Francisco and Washington DC

Live Webcasting in San Francisco and Washington DC ICV is at the Pay For Performance Summit in San Francisco - Our crew is Live webcasting from Multiple rooms. Audio Breakouts and Live Video from the General Sessions. Synchronized PowerPoint slides, Chatting and Polling. 3 Day event. Another crew is in Washington DC Live webcasting from the 21st HIPAA Summit at the Ritz Carlton. another concurrent 3 day Live webcast from multiple rooms supporting hundreds of onsite and hundreds of online viewers. And if that's not enough, we have a third crew at the same Ritz-Carlton in DC producing a Live Webcast for the 5th annual National Disclosure Summit. We have our Video Flypacks in San Francisco at the Pay for Performance summit. For the DC shows we fly with gear and used some of our DC staffers DC based gear for those 2 webcast events. Using HPX500 HD cameras and Ki-Pro Recorders Need a live webcast managed by people that can pull them together anywhere?