Video Studio Rentals in California - How did we build that business?

When we built our Pleasanton California Video Studio and Web Design offices in 2000. we personally worked with the builder's architecture office to create a video production workspace that suited not only our staff but for production companies. Being an HD video Production company we knew what we wanted in a studio. We built our video production studio and multiple Final Cut Pro Edit suites to be used in our own daily HD video production projects. We drew pictures and put boxes on the cement pad to visualize how things would flow.

We also asked a number of friends and companies in the San Francisco Video Production community to look at our ideas. These were folks that may not have had their own video studio. Some didn't have edit suites. They DID have thriving production businesses and needed what the San Francisco Bay Area was lacking; an affordable and flexible resource for top quality Video Studio Space, HD Video Production Service and HD Video and Audio equipment. This folks would potentially be our clientele, (And today they are) So we took their input in the design of the video studio space. Since then we have built an impressive equipment list in our Video Rental Room including a stable of HDX 900 HD Cameras, Kino-Flo Diva kits, Ki Pro Rentals and much more. Our Video Production Studio customers have in house access to our entire staff. Web Development, Webcasting, HD Editing, and Audio booth recording.

We also designed the staff space to suit the collaborative nature of web application development, media development and programming. There's a lot of off the cuff discussion that goes on when a group of folks are building something new and unique from bits of data. You're mixing ideas about jQuery User Interfaces with thoughts on efficiently sharing MySql tables within an MCS Framework..

You have to let the ideas flow, You also have to make sure that everyone is aware of what's going on. Things change fast in PHP land! Our web developers are also web designers. Although some spend more time on the UI side all are capable of building anything from scratch in any language and within any framework. We do our work in house and you can sit in our space here at ICV with our team and develop your project with us. Or, you can or let us huddle up, kickup some dust, and come back and show you a custom web app we built from your ideas and our smarts. Our video folks work with our programming folks to develop custom tools we use on your projects. Like our custom built Learning and Media Portal. Unlike any LMS or Media Library you 'll ever see.

We built our Video and Web Studio here to make our work more efficient and your projects completely successful. This happens only when clients feel comfortable here working in our studio with our production or creative staff and with our web developers.



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