Webcasting for the HIPAA Summit Conference in Washington DC

Live Webcasting in Washington DC

ICV has 2 Live Webcasts today in DC. 

The HIPAA Summit and the Health Care IT Connect Summit.

Full webcasting crews from our Reston offices as well as a few of our California and Atlanta people are on-site producing these 2 large scale conference webcasts.

Media Portal web development by our staff web developers provides the clients with a single website for both their live and archived webcast streams.

Using our Mobile Webcasting Racks and HD Panasonic 3100 Cameras. The video quality is fully HD broadcast quality. Our Media Portal webcast management application allows us to push slides and video synchronized into a mobile friendly video player that is responsive on all devices.

ICV manages the entire webcast.
Gear, staff,  the website, hosting and streaming as well as technical support for your users. We include User Registration, e-commerce (if you need that) and event email services.

Even mobile apps for the events. Deep reporting allows you to really know, grow and connect with your audience. Live and after the event. ICV Live Webcasting Services are complete and affordable.

Learn more about Live Webcasting and how painless it can be with the right webcasting company as your partner.

We have references and clients all over the country and the globe.
Events large and small - We webcast all of them.
ICV Conference Webcasting


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