Live Webcasting in San Francisco

Live Webcasting Townhall Meetings

ICV is in San Francisco for StubHub today providing webcasting services for another of their Global Townhall Webcasts. 

StubHub has recognized the value of live webcasting their meetings and executive messages. They now have a regular schedule of Live webcasts for their Global Townhall / All-Hands meetings.
To produce these Townhall webcasts ICV uses our mobile video flypacks engineered specifically for Live Webcasting.

Decked out with state of the art equipment such as BlackMagic routing, Panasonic HS50 Switchers and AJA Ki-Pro Ultras, our video flypacks make rapid deployment of a live webcast on short notice not only possible but easy.

Our staff of web developers in our Pleasanton office manage the Media Portal to quickly deploy the secure webcast portal and Mobile-friendly video players for the webcasts.

User access and registration, web and video hosting, reporting metrics and the steaming CDN are all included in our webcasting services.

We can serve our customers anywhere, at anytime due to the Full time webcast producers, camera operators and developers we employ in our offices across the country and in Europe.

Take advantage of our years of live webcasting experience and truly FULL service live webcasting to make your communication successful.

ICV Live Webcasting


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