ICV was in Las Vegas for the IBM INterConnect Show Webcast

Webcasting in Las Vegas for Silicon Angle

We deployed a full complement of video and webcasting team members to produce a Live Webcast in Las Vegas to work the live webcast from Mandalay Bay. the IBM Interconnect Show utilized 3 Cameras, full HD switch with truss setup for lights. All portable, setup and hot within hours.
Our Newtek Tricasters coupled with our Panasonic HPX 3100 Fiber cameras provide the highest quality Live Webcasting streaming. We managed the set design, the HD video production all gear, crew, internet hosting and streaming.

Spending 3 days on set directing and shooting, we posted over 20 hours of streaming content to the web. Thousands of viewers participated. Our web developers back at the ICV studios customized the webcast video players and added event specific tweaks while manning the social Twitter and Facebook streams.

We adjusted the layout and content of the included Media Portal that we provide as the event progressed assuring the best content for the audience.

The ICV Media Portal offers a single unique web location for the webcast. Included is user registration and access control. The Portal is branded and designed specifically for the event so your audience gets your message directly without the distractions that social sites such as YouTube or Facebook add to the environment. You can embed chosen streams from your event into YouTube or Facebook if you like.

Our Media Portal also provides an instant archive of On-Demand streams. Using the reporting and metrics in the backend, choose what to make available and change it on the fly.  React to user interest based on the reporting data.

ICV Live Webcasting Services are now in New York, Washington DC, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Houston and Seattle as well as Northern and Southern California.

Call 800-272-3070 or visit www.Conferencewebcasting.com


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