Live webcasting services for Oracle Openworld and Silicon Angle

ICV provides Live Webcasting Services and HD Video Production services at Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco.

ICV DIGITAL MEDIA was engaged to provide live interview video production, live switch and streaming video webcasting from MOscone Center for Oracle OpenWorld 2015.
During the 4 day event, ICV employed our Mobile Video Flypacks for webcasting  to streamline the setup of 3 interview sets. We managed the onsite editing and streaming of the event using our 2 NewTek Tricasters. Our HD video production services of the live interviews were streamed and webcast live to 
HPX 3100 Panasonic HD cameras were used as well as Panasonic HS50 HD SDI swichers. All of  these pieces of video equipment are available for rentals out of our Video Studio in Pleasanton California. We also have a 2500 sq.ft. video studio for rent there in the East Bay as well. Clients can roll into the studio and sit down at our Mobiel Video Flypacks and have a 3 camera HD switch all set. Record to KiPros and stream right from the studio. Our Tricasters can be used as production switchers in our Video Flypack Racks. ICV provided hosting for the video content in an online archive.
ICV live webcasting works throughout the Northern California area, the country and around the world. Recently we were in  Washing ton DC for the ACO Congress where we webcast live for 3 days. We provided an on demand video media portal for archive access, and our web developers deployed a user registration and ecommerce module for selling live webcast attendance as well as on-demand access after the event form the archived video streaming library.

This project was only one of a series we will be producing with Silicon Angle TV. Next on the schedule is London England for an HP technology live webcast. Our London staff will work with crew flying in from our Washington DC webcasting services office.

This month we produced live webcasts for eBay, The California College of the Arts, Altera and Amgen. Once our clients see how complete and affordable our live webcasting services are compared to any one else they find it easy to add ICV’s Live Webcasting services to their plan and budget.
This isn’t something we jsut got into. We have been webcasting since 2002. And we have refined the process using our own custom webcasting management and delivery applications built by our own full time web developers.We provide the website, player, hosting and all technology needed for an end to end webcast. Learn more about what we provide for a live webcast.

We have webcasting and video production staff, HD video flypacks in multiple US locations including the SF Bay Area, Seattle, Phoenix, Atlanta, Dallas TX, Washington DC and Chicago, IL.

If you have a live webcasting event or questions about how to live webcast any event give us a call at 925-426-8230 or visit one of our websites where you can learn more about our passion for webcasting:

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