Live Webcasting for the ACO Congress in Washington DC

ICV Produces Live Streaming Webcast in DC

The Sixth National Accountable Care Congress chose ICV to once again provide Live Webcasting Services in Washington DC.

ICV was in the Nation's Capital for the week, live webcasting from the Hyatt Regency Ballroom to a global live webcast audience for this well attended healthcare policy forum.

Using our streamlined mobile webcasting flypacks our crew is able to setup quickly, even in a multi-room multi-day event such as this webcast was. Webcasting in multiple breakout rooms concurrently while streaming live from the General Session room, ICV also captures the content and encodes it for Mobile viewing on iPhones, Android phones and tablets. You end up with an archive of the event in a custom branded secure Media Portal that you can use to showcase all of your streaming video.
Live Webcasting in Washington DC.

Easily reaching international viewers affordably is one advantage the ACO Congress organizers rgain using ICV's affordable and experienced Live Webcasting Services.

Expand the audience for your content without doing anything extra with your own resources. An ICV live webcast can mean increased revenues, or improved workforce awareness and communication. Use the webcast however you wish, for profit or to have a better informed organization.

Webcasting Services need not be a nightmare to arrange. Unlike most webcasting companies We've been webcasting since 1998 and we have a true passion for it. We've built a custom webcast management application that works at the enterprise level to stream, encode, manage and build and deliver your webcast.

We work across the country and in countries across the globe. Our staff is experienced and we know how to work wherever you need su to using our own gear, staff and tools.

Let us manage your next conference webcast or corporate webcasting event.
Ask us anything about webcasting, we're happy to share what we know.

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