ICV Provides Live Webcasting Services for New England Journal of Medicine

ICV produces New England Journal of Medicine Live Webcast Series

Boston MA;

The New England Journal of Medicine has launched a series of live webcasts under the subject: Innovation in Health Care Leadership.

The interactive live webcast production is on location in Boston. Delivered to a global online audience, the webcast offers thought leaders and practical guidance to stay abreast of innovations in healthcare management, processes, and record keeping.
Many of today's health care innovations require initial investments in staff, training, and capital infrastructure. Learning how to best navigate those decisions is critical to a healthcare organization's success.

ICV provided a complete media portal website and webcast streaming video player for NEJM. Part of our webcasting services include our user registration and management system, content and powerpoint management tools and live reporting metrics for the webcast.

ICV sent a full staff to manage the entire event.

We provide pre-webcast marketing tools such as emails and landing pages. Post event, ICV has our client managed admin portal that allows the client to manage access to the live webcasting content to build an online archive of all future webcasts.

ICV shoots all the video and provides all staff. HD Cameras and a high reliability CDN for Content Delivery of the streaming video of the webcast to assure flawless viewing anywhere on any device.



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