Live webcasting in Washington DC

ICV produces live webcasts in Washington DC 

ICV had crews in the Nations Capital for 3 concurrent events. There is a growing demand for us to produce multiple events at the same time. 
We have been able to start planning events earlier in the process with our clients to make best use of the venue and the presenters and attendees time. 

We are able to create a streamlined webcasting process and coordinate with the clients' marketing or internal scheduling staff to make best use all of the assets and human resources that are involved.

This approach allows for cost savings for the client and creates opportunities for the  client to cross market, and gain visibility. Attendees can network with a wider group as well as possibly purchase or attend multiple events.

Here we are at the Health Insurance Exchange Summit. Live webcasting from multiple rooms including audio and video breakouts with synchronized slides.

If you are hosting more than a single event then concurrent hybrid events are something we should talk about.


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