How to extract embedded video files from PPTX PowerPoint files

I had to pull a video out of a PowerPoint PPTX file today.
Here's a great tip for getting content out of a PPTX file.

We use this tip from time to time in our Live Webcasting when presenters give us a Powerpoint that we need to synchronize with the webcast stream and they have a video in the PPT they need us to switch to as well.

You'll need to be able to see the extensions on a Mac or a PC.

Change the extension of .pptx with a .zip. Ignore the warning Windows or Mac OS might give you.

"Unzip" the .zip file, on a Mac just extract it and look inside. All the media files, images, jpegs/pngs, mp3's and any embedded video files will be visible and available. You can copy and move them at will. When you're done, rename your PowerPoint file with the pptx extension.


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