ICV Provides HD Live Webcasting Services for StartupSchool

ICV webcasts for yCombinator and Startupschool again

ICV was once again chosen to provide live webcasting services for the global event:
Startupschool produced by yCombinator.

This time the the event was at the Flint Center in San Jose. The onsite audience has grown so much that a larger venue was needed. The online audience that watches the ICV Live streaming webcast numbers in the tens of thousands and spans the globe.

ICV uses their Mobile Video Flypacks for the event. We use 4 HD cameras and full HD signal path to our Flypacks that use the Panasonic HS 450 HD-SDI switchers.
Check the open archive posted here:

If you saw the Startupschool.com live webcast, you saw ICV's video webcasting stream.

Back of the Room at StartupSchool

ICV Mobile Flypacks at StartupSchool

Mark Zuckerberg at StartupSchool


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