Live Webcasting for Healthcare Information

Archive your Webcasts for on-demand viewing and sales

If you are already providing live webcast content either as a training tool or in a revenue model, the benefits of reaching a vastly wider audience are already apparent to you. 
If you are limiting your audience to only the LIVE events, or conversely, offering only archived events which may not be as timely or as valuable is live events, you need to consider a media portal delivery and management tool.

Media Portal for Webcasting

Having a media portal for your video streaming content and other digital assets allows you to manage and sell, or share, Live Webcasts and archive them and make them available on-demand. You control the release, viewing and access even the price if that's your model.
Combine the video content with learning or certification materials.

Live Webcast Player
ICV has developed a custom media portal that provides all of that. We support the entire process. Not just web development or only the video streaming of the live webcast, but the entire process if you need us to. We manage the venue, the sales of the acces, the entire HD production of the Audio and Video streaming of any size event. We provide the website and player where visitors will watch the live event and the archived content. Even use our our e-commerce tools to sell. We handle the enitre web process so you dont have from deployment to hosting.

Live Webcasting Services by ICV
Here are some screenshots from a multiple room, multiple day event we just completed webcasting services for. This valuable event was streamed to a paying audience live and is also archived in a media portal at

ICV webcasts all over the world and all over the country. We can also webcast and produce HD video here in our 2500. sq.ft. California video studio as well. 925-426-8230


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