HD Production in Las Vegas

ICV travels to Las Vegas for CTIA Wireless Conference

ICV crews packed the truck and drove to Las Vegas for the Annual CTIA 2013 Wireless conference.

CTIA 2013
CTIA 2013 - ICV providing HD Production and Streaming
ICV crews will be shooting HD video interviews on the show floor, sending them over to our Final Cut editors stationed at the show where the clips will be edited graphics cut in and then the files will be uploaded and streamed to the CTIA website. 

We'll be using HPX 3100 cameras and KiPro recorders. We bring our Video Flypacks to the show and use them as our mobile Production flypacks. 

We offer these Flypack Rentals on our website here.  /www.videoflypacks.com/

For San Francisco Flypack Rentals call ICV. We use what we rent so you know it works. 
Check them out.  



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