Video Flypack Rental Website

Video Flypack Rentals website launched

ICV just launched our dedicated Video Flypack Rental website.

Video Flypack Rentals Website
Video Flypack Rental Website Launched

The website was designed to be a simple, easy to navigate site for choosing the right video flypack rental package from ICV.

We have all of the Video Flypack package specifications listed, both Large Flypacks and Mini Flypacks
Operating manuals for all of the key video gear such as the Panasonic HS 450 HD/SDI switcher, the Panasonic AW HS50 switcher, The Ki Pro recorders.

Our available HD Camera rentals are listed with specs and prices.
We've included lots of helpful info even if you are not ready to rent a video flypack right now.

You'll find lots of pictures of the gear too.

And we publish our prices online so you don't have to call, email or shop around. 
We have the best price for the best packages.

 CCU's and Paint Controls..
HD Switchers..
HD Cameras and Flypacks..

Check it out


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