e-Learning live webcast CME training with video

LMS and Live webcasting

Some of our clients have found great value in our extendable Media Portal e-learning modules.
Using your archived video content, our Media Portal has an LMS (Learning Management System) component, that when employed allows you to easily build custom courses and training packages consisting of video content as well as other content.

User management allows you to easily build groups, assign access to the content and track users against required content.
Within the LMS Media Portal when building your training you are not limited to using only video. Our system allows you to upload to your library most any type of document, image or file. Even link to external assets.

In November we produced 3 Live Webcasts that were CME training courses. The clients sell access and users login and participate in the live webcast training webcast. Then afterwards they continue the training by completing the required coursework built by our clients within the LMS.

We worked in New York City then in Southern California in Pasadena to webcast and archive the live streaming video training courses.


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