Live Conference Webcast in Baltimore

From San Francisco to Maryland
ICV was contracted to Live Webcast in Baltimore Maryland September 5 - 6 for the SIXTH NATIONAL EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT SUMMIT.

We sent live streaming video from 3 rooms to an audience of over 375 users across the globe.  This summit is very interesting. As most video production web development companies will attest, you can become expert in some very diverse and esoteric subject matter. Building websites that support the most in depth information on topics rangin from financial analysis, to medical device operations, to manufacturing of plastic toys... You have to really understand what your client is doing and how to engage their audience. We pride ourselves in being more then a video production company or a live webcasting service provider.
We become a partner in your success.

For this event we employed our Panasonic HPX 3100 cameras and Ki-Pro recorders among other gear.
Our web developers launched a custom website and a fully custom LMS (Learning Management System) for the certification training that was offered for CME Credit.
Web development is a key part of our service. Our skilled web application developers work hand in hand with our video production staff to support your entire event and internet marketing or communication efforts.
Call ICV to learn more about how we can help you profit and communicate.



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