Live Webcasting in Cambridge at Harvard

Live webcasting the Quality Colloquium in Cambridge for the 6 the year in a row. Huge event at historic Annenberg at Harvard, which ICV produces. We produce the live webcast, and post on demand archive video into a custom Media Portal designed and built by ICV for he client.

The Media Portal allows social integration and after the event profits by selling on demand access to streaming video content.

This creates an opportunity that many event promoters miss; monetizing the content after the event. great video content is great video content. If you have it, it can be very valuable.

Many of our clients have no idea how to take advantage of that. Where do I put my archive video of events or conference or e-learning? How do I post it to the web? How do I sell access to the video content? Often this is a value to the public for years to come.

We built our Media Portal to be a vehicle for presenting the Live webcast and as a library of for sale on-demand video content. Easy to use, customizable and a great value.

ICV completes the process by producing video, encoding the video and streaming the live webcast event. Then our web developers manage the media portal during the life of your subscription to the service.
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