HD Cameras, Video FlyPacks and Live webcasting

Live Webcasting
Been really busy. Live webcasting, building Video Streaming Portals for our clients. Just lots of Live Webcasting events this spring and summer. We have also been busy here at home building out our custom Live Webcasting and Live Switch Video Flypack Rental systems.

Testing and engineering some of the pieces. 
Designed with video producers in mind, we have spent months choosing the equipment for these racks. ICV enlisted the help of the experts in video system integration at Advanced Systems Group. Everything has been carefully crafted to be flexible, simple to hookup and dead reliable. Stroll in, plug in and roll in to your HD Production with these Video Flypacks from ICV.

HS 450 Panasonic switcher

2 Packages available for Video Flypack rentals
Full Package with HPX 3100 Cameras
Includes two racks. These racks come as a pair; one Engineering rack, and one Production rack. Custom wired so that there are 2 cables between them and one cable to each camera. Designed to be Plug and Play.
Rent our HD 3100, HD 370, 500 or HDX 900 cameras
Capable of handling up to 32 Cameras or inputs!
Full HD 3 camera live switch with 3 Digital Ki-Pro recorders. Audio mixer, Time code generator, generous patch bay in back for custom routing or patching in external video or audio devices. Wireless Clearcom.  Each rack has a 26 inch HD monitor. Separate Leader Multifunction waveform, vectorscope monitor. HD Panasonic AV HS 450 Multi Format video Switcher.

These video flypacks are fully portable and rentals include local truck delivery!

Included are table tops that popoff and attach to the side for extra workspace.

Mini Package
We also have Mini flypacks that support up to 4 HD HPX 3100 cameras. Built within the flypacks are an HD switcher 2 LCD monitors, Integrated Waveform and vectorscope and 3 KiPro Recorders. These small Video Flypacks fit in the back of an SUV easily.  These are perfect for conference video production, event video production, seminar video production recording and back of room production. Video Flypack rentals includes local delivery.

We are also using these ourselves on our multi-camera shoots. SO much easier. Live Webcasting or just production. Everything synced, remote paint controls. Wireless ClearCom.

Rent our Video Studio and use our Flypacks for the production. Makes things as easy as possible. Then stroll down the hall and do your editing in our Final Cut suites. Even do voiceover in our booth. Then we can encode the content and build a website for you too!
We honestly can do it all for you here. you really need to come by and talk to us to see how we can work for you to make this crazy video production and web content creation life easier..

925-426-8230  www.icvdm.com


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