Live webcast streaming video - The entire chain

Live webcasting is always interesting technology to work with. There are a number of ways to achieve a live webcast with streaming video, but only a few ways to do it a level that provides lasting value and quality. Most people forget the most difficult part, the video production itself.. With quality video production, HD video production preferably, by a professional experienced video crew, the webcast will be of little value. The viewer perception of the integrity of the content and even of the host of the webcast comes into question if the quality of the video is less then professional.

At ICV Digital Media, we really do take pride in knowing we handle every aspect of streaming video of a live webcast. This pride comes from real hard work, experience.. We work at the front line. Not always glamourous but always rewarding to know you have the confidence to do that job for your client the right way... It feels good to give them piece of  mind.

ICV does it all, Handling a Live Webcast from arranging the Internet connection, (yes that is a key aspect) to bringing every piece of video equipment (without rentals), to handling all of the web design - building the portal where the Webcast will be viewed and even sold.

Consider the entire chain of events you need in order to build a live webcast that is a profitable and useful addition to your media library or venture. If you want to learn more about all the moving parts of a live webcast, give us a call - 925-426-8230

We travel everywhere all the time.. Last month, Asia. Flying for 20 hours isn't fun, even in Business Class, (not like I'd know...)
But once the ICV Video crew arrived in Singapore for the Live Webcast of the Asian Pharma Congress, it was worth it. Beautiful country. Friendly people.
Singapore from the top of the Sands Resort!

The Live Webcast venue was the Ritz Carlton Millenia. Fantastic hotel. We used MacPros along with our HD Panasonic HPX and HDX Cameras to send the video streaming signal out to an ICV custom Video Portal at Streaming video and synchronized powerpoint to the web where users could purchase all or part of the event.

As with all ICV video Portals, archived streaming video with PowerPoints synced will be accessible within the portal for future revenue generation for the client.
Free previews are provided to users so that they can sample what they are buying.

Next on to Washington DC for multiple live webcasts with streaming video of 3 events.
Then CTIA wireless convention in San Diego: Live HD video production and streaming video webcasts from the Show Floor!


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