Ebay and Ycombinator Live webcasting

Live webcasting for Y Combinator & Ebay

We had another busy week at ICV Live Webcasting Services here in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Weather was hot and so were the routers and encoders as we were busy sending out streams of HD webcast video to an audience of Ebay partners and Startup entrepreneurs all over the world.

First was the Ebay Global Partner All-Hands townhall webcast.

A lively launch of an all new platform for Ebay sellers and buyers. Revolutionary announcements and reveals sent out to a password protected website and HTML5 video player.
Ebay uses townhall webcasting for product launches. Live webcasting to their truly global audience is the fastest and easiest way to share new capabilities and features in the Ebay ecosystem.

An on-demand password protected archive is an created during a live webcast. ICV records and hosts your streaming video for reference, sharing and training after the event.

Saturday had us at Y Combinator Startup school. Another world class event ICV was called on to provide live webcasting services for this weekend.

From the Flint Center in San Jose the rapt audience filled the house as a select group of business founders and investors tell stories, relate experiences and give practical real world advice Entrepreneurs Learn how they got started. The ideas that the entrepreneurs were sharing focused on solving problems and broadening horizons through technology with an emphasis on collaboration and sharing.

The live webcast gives a global audience exposure to this wealth of information.

In the past few years, we've seen more founders from around the world coming to Silicon Valley to start startups. In YCombinator's 2014 batch alone, there were founders from 22 different countries, and every year we see an increasing number of international applicants and viewers of the webcasts.

Contact ICV Live Webcasting Services at www.conferencewebcasting.com or call us at 925-426-8230. Or just email us with questions. info@icvdm.com


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