ICV Webcasting in Florida for Debra King

ICV was in Florida for a 2 day Live webcast for best selling author Debra King.


We used our Video Flypacks to provide HD streaming webcast services.
ICV doesn't stop at the end of the video cable.. No.. We have on staff highly skilled web engineers and designers.

As the day of the webcast approaches, back in our Pleasanton Ca studio our developers are busy building an e-commerce access controlled media portal and video player where we deliver your streaming video and synchronized slides.

Video Flypack Rentals from ICV

Our clients tell us thzat they choose ICV Live Webcasting services because we provide the entire process. From Setup to Website Portal.
Our services include our own Web Site Media Portal where we stream your event to live. We even setup a domain name for you if need be.

We host the video player, the portal and the Streaming media.

We give you embed links so that you can share your Stream Live or as an archive.

Other live webcasting companies do not provide you with the web tools needed to store your content in a secure website. Sell access, or give it away. Add sponsosrhip advertising  We can even process your payments for you.

Contact us at 925-426-8230 to learn more about how we build long term profitable partnerships.
Build your business through webcasting.


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