Web sites and web apps and web casting.. it's all web...

We've been busy working on websites here this fall. We recently launched two new websites in the Med Device Arena:

Video Studio Rentals

We've had a number of interesting projects being shot in the Green Screen Studio. The previous Music video I mentioned below was fun. Since then we've had Party City in here shooting a series of Halloween commercials that are airing now.
Another producer rented our video studio to shoot a series of sales training presentations for UPS.

Video Equipment Rentals
We now have 6 AjA Ki-Pro Digital recorders in our rental stable. We use these ourselves on most HD shoots. They pair well with our HDX900 Camera and our new HPX 3100 HD camera rentals! The HPX 3100 camera is an 1080p native, 2/3" 3-CCD that offers 24 bit audio recording, and P2 Card support.
Live webcasting in Washington DC
We now have an HD Flypack for rent. Includes a 2 ME Panasonic Switcher, Ki-Pro recorders, the whole setup. Call for more info on HD Flypack rentals.

Live Webcasting
We recently returned from Singapore where we Ran a 5 day Live Webcast at the Ritz Carlton. Singapore is an amazing location.

Crews have been in Washington DC providing Live webcast services for Health Care policy summits including the ACO Summit Portal  the HIPAA Summit Portal and others. 
We have permanent live webcasting crew in DC so servicing our live webcasts in the nations capital is routine for us.

We had a live webcasting crew in Houston webcasting Medical Coding training live with interactive quizzing and certification within an LMS web app that we custom coded.

ICV Live webcasting crews were in San Diego for the CTIA wireless conference producing not only HD interviews from the show floor and live streams but also a website media portal for the event. Archived access tot eh video content. 

A crew is landing in Japan as I write this for video training presentation production and web portal development for Oracle. There will be a streaming video aspect to this as well as testing and Digital Asset Management application development.
Hope you all have been busy!


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